User Experience Analysis, Strategic Messaging, Website Redesign


Finta is an online fundraising platform which connects startups with investors and help manage the entire fundraising process. The main challenge for the Client was the acute complexity of the onboarding process due to the required information. Many users did not complete the process and left, thus affecting conversion.

What we did

1. Discovery workshop

2. User experience mapping and benchmarking

3. Impactful landing page messaging

4. Onboarding process re-engineering

5. Conversion optimization

The V9 difference

Making a good onboarding process a great one, involves three levels: align design with business goals, bring in data otherwise inaccessible, and develop user experience that is an extension of the value proposition. Our team of experts analyzed the available user data in depth, and was able to develop a unique and incredibly simple user experience. Simplicity, focused messaging, and out-of-the box thinking, were the key factors for success.

What the client says

"Vitrin9's work was not only beautiful, but also incredibly insightful. They took the time to understand our product and customers, and the design provided was exactly what we needed. Our entire team was impressed with the end result and the immediate impact we saw on our product. I would highly recommend working with Vitrin9."
- Kevin Siskar (CEO)