User Experience Analysis and Best Practices, Website Redesign, Flow Analysis


Our client's unique value proposition is to connect companies looking for best in-class candidates with job seekers, looking to work and build experience internationally. The existing website did not convey the value proposition properly and the Client felt the need for a more impactful site for both companies and job-seekers.

What we did

1. Strategic discovery

2. User experience analysis and data-based evaluation

3. User Experience optimization

4. Clear messaging and intuitive workflows

5. Landing page redesign

The Vitrin9 difference

Simplicity. Visual excellence, curated messaging, intuitive flows, and above all - strategic focus on web assets to drive business success. We worked with the founders to developing a clear understanding of the business and couple it with data-driven user experience. Using industry standard UX design thinking process, combined with out proprietary data benchmarking, we developed best in-class user experience for the product.

What the client says

"The delivery was great. We very much like the design provided by Vitrin9. Thanks for the work done!"
- Melissa P. (CEO)