We are a team of passionate data experts, developers, designers, and problem solvers.

Our vision is to help companies build the next life-changing products faster, more efficiently, and data-driven.

Vitrin9 was created to help visionary companies build successful digital products driven by intelligence.  The fact is, that most products are launched without fully utilizing existing customer, product, or market data, and they fail to meet the expectations for adoptability and overall growth. In 80% of the time, this is due to lack of consolidated data or lack of proper reporting and analytics.

We want to change that... By helping our customers map Company, Product, and Customer (end-user) data early on, we ensure that product goals are well-defined and plan the development process around them.  By utilizing data extensively (either existing or captured), working with diverse talent, and following a stringent agile process, we help significantly increase the success rate of our customers' products.

Trusted By

"Vitrin9's work was not only beautiful, but also incredibly insightful. They took the time to understand our product and customers, and the design provided was exactly what we needed. Our entire team was impressed with the end result and the immediate impact we saw on our product. I would highly recommend working with Vitrin9."

Kevin Siskar


"We are extremely happy that we decided to work with Vitrin9 for our product design.  They not only helped us uncover many areas of improvement and redo our product design in a user-centric manner, but also helped us define our product vision and roadmap."

Daniel Carpentier


"The delivery was great. We very much like the design provided by Vitrin9. Thanks for the work done!"

Melissa Powell


"The Vitrin9 team was an invaluable partner. They helped make our product more data-driven and enabled our team to deliver output quickly and iteratively. At the end of our engagement, we were able to achieve step function improvement to our funnel conversion."

Jonah B.

Head of Product

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