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Enabling data-driven decisions for EVs with AWS data cloud


Vitrin9 was approached by an e-vehicle and mobility solution provider with a challenge: they lacked a unified data source or access to the data generated by the thousands of connected devices they were serving. This was hindering their ability to make data-driven decisions and optimize operations, resulting in high operational costs and low customer satisfaction.

What We Did

Vitrin9 began by developing an AWS cloud architecture to create a unified data warehouse. We then ingested all source (over 40 databased and 3rd party APIs)  and IoT device data to AWS and created predictive analytics models on the cloud. Finally, we automated data ingestion and the reporting/analytics process to provide 360 degree business view and implement real-time decision making on a company level.

Our Difference

Through our work, the company was able to achieve significant improvements in data access and analysis. The use of AWS cloud architecture and data automation helped the company gain seamless access to data, enabling data-driven decision making from day one of operations. The company was able to reduce operational costs by over 18% and increase customer satisfaction tremendously, resulting in 25% revenue increase in the first 6 months.

Operational cost reduction


Revenue increase


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