Data Engineering

Transforming Data for Actionable Insights

Data Strategy

We help you consolidate your data in a single source of truth and make informed decisions to on an organizational level. According to Gartner, data-driven businesses grow on average 35% faster.

We recently helped a retailer client implement a customer data platform (CDP) to centralize consumer data and make it accessible at an organization level. This allowed the retailer to gain a single view of its customers, which was used to personalize customer experiences and optimize marketing efforts.

What to expect?

By creating a robust data strategy, we ensure that your organization is better equipped to leverage data as a key driver of business success. Identification of key data assets, prioritization of data initiatives, creation of a data roadmap, data governance and security processes, are some of the key focus areas.

Data Architecture

By providing you with a customized approach to mapping your data ecosystem (inhouse and cloud) we ensure that the right tools and resources are in place to achieve efficiency and substantially reduce the time-to-market for your project (in many case by as high as 40%).

What to expect?

The key objectives in this phase are designed to ensure that an organization's data resources are effectively managed and utilized to their fullest potential. Some of the common deliverables include data vision, principles, architecture diagram, implementation and governance plans.

A new data architecture we built for a bank helped them bring together customer data from multiple sources and store it in a consistent and standardized format. The bank then built advanced analytics solutions, such as predictive models and customer segmentation analysis, on top of its new data architecture. This allowed the bank to gain deeper insights into customer behavior,

Data Ingestion

Ingesting data from various sources and formats can be very time-taking and locking valuable resources. We help perform cleansing, integrity validation, and transformation of your data, regardless of sources and formats. We also help with automation of the process, security, and enrichment of upstream data uses. The data governance we create helps ensure that the ingestion to the cloud is properly managed, secured, and properly utilized to support business objectives.

What to expect?

Key deliverables after data ingestion to the cloud are designed to ensure that the ingested data is properly managed, secured, and utilized to support business objectives. Ranging from data lakes to warehouses for the organizational data with associated catalogs, automation, to data validation. analytics, and governance plans are outputs of this stage.

Cloud Migration: Data Lakes and Data Warehouses

By creating a combination of data lakes and warehouses we ensure your organization is fully enabled for complex analytics, real-time insights, faster decision making and rapid scalability. This also allows for the migration of in-house databases to the cloud as part of a digital transformation.

What to expect?

When we help you migrate in-house data to the cloud, we use a multi-step process that involves data extraction, transfer, loading, storage, and analysis. This enables you to take advantage of the scalability, security, cost-effectiveness of the cloud, and to make data available “on demand”.

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We help you with the development, deployment, and management of data pipelines, storage systems, and analytics platforms to enable you to efficiently and effectively process and analyze large volumes of data for strategic decision-making.

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