AI-based Fundraising Platform Finta Increased Conversions by 800%

Using data as a competitive advantage to drive exponential growth by optimizing conversions and prioritizing features


Finta is a remote funds allocation platform for startups that offers innovative features such as deal rooms, AI-based investor CRM, and instant funding. The company is used by hundreds of startups Worldwide and facilitates millions in funding each month. However, users struggled with the acute complexity of the onboarding process, which impacted conversions and caused a high drop-off rate.

What We Did

Vitrin9 re-engineered the onboarding process and implemented a data framework to track user behavior and needs and other conversion optimization techniques to reduce the drop-off rate. By analyzing user data in depth and developing a simple user experience, we were able to bring in otherwise inaccessible data, and develop a user experience that aligned with the value proposition.

Our Difference

Our team analyzed the available user data in depth and developed impactful features and an incredibly simple user experience. We also implemented a data-insights framework to measure feature impact to users and their behavior. The result was an 800% increase in user conversions and 400% increase in user retention in the first 6 months. The simplicity, focused messaging, and out-of-the box thinking that our team brought to the project were key factors for the success.

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