Four reasons why web redesign is critical to your website’s success!

March 14, 2023

Your company’s website is often the first major point of contact with a potential customer. It is the point where the curious can become a client, which makes the website one of the most important and key parts of any business’s success. Many times, the easiest way to find a web redesign company near you is to simply search in any browser for “web redesign near me.” What you will find, is a list of companies that provide website design services and offer various packages. You can contact the ones you feel are a good fit and see whether their offering is within your expectation for quality, price, and speed of delivery.

Regardless of which company you decide to go with, here are 5 major reasons to redesign your website:

1. Get Higher Google Rankings

Did you know that Google looks at much more than keywords to evaluate a site? In fact, the things used by Google’s algorithm to determine a site’s relevancy to a search inquiry involves a lot of design elements. This is the reason so many companies rely on website redesigns when looking to increase site visibility.  It is an almost guaranteed way to improve your rankings in a Google search, and therefore help you reach more customers looking for your services.

2. Lead Prospects on a Better Sales Funnel

Once you have them on your site, do people actually buy your product? Do they click around and eventually convert, or do they look at a page or two and then bounce? Too often, websites simply lose customers because the funnel is not effective. A proper website redesign, which incorporates a user-centric design flow, can help optimize the customer journey, leading to an easier and more efficient conversion.

3. Get the Visual Upgrade You Need

Websites that look bad do not maintain traffic as effectively. There are a number of reasons for this, but the bottom line is that, if your site is not pleasing to the eye, people leave. Upgraded visuals can help improve a user’s experience, draw their eye to important information on a page, and improve your website’s overall stats. It is the reason why partnering with a company that understands modern website aesthetics is so important. Only the professionals can help give a site a genuine visual upgrade that also helps guide users through the site.

4. Communicate More Clearly with Your Customers

One of the reasons companies end up searching for a web redesign near me, is because their website does not clearly communicate the value proposition, and as a result, does not function as intended. A properly structured and design website, can help clearly articulate your value proposition, benefits of using your product/service, the vision behind your company, and any other information you want to convey to your prospective customers. A good website redesign will help your company better communicate information, making it an overall better experience for users and helping the site accomplish the goals you want.

Your Choice for Web Redesign Near Me

Are you typing “web redesign near me” into your phone or computer? Then it’s time to call us here at Vitrin9 LLC. Our data-driven approach to web design and redesigns means that we can improve your site’s performance and functions. That means higher rates of conversion, better SEO rankings and improved performance for your business. Contact us today to learn more and to start your company’s website redesign process.

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