How innovative product development maximizes returns?

March 14, 2023

Nowadays, globalization and the pandemic situation have led to the explosive growth of digital products across the world. With such rapid spread of products, there is also an intensive completion among players, trying to capture overlapping markets. Launching and succeeding with a new product can be difficult, and statistically only about 5% of all new products launched make it after the first 3 years.

Therefore, having a robust product development cycle and overall product management is imperative for your startup’s success. A simple search of product development companies near me, will reveal how many companies compete in the product engineering market, but selecting the right one, can bring you that much closer to a product success. Some of the most important criteria when choosing a partner to develop your product are their reputation, innovative approach, speed and quality of delivery, trustworthiness, and workforce talent. Working with the right partner can reduce your product development expenses, minimize risk, and ultimately contribute to a faster time-to-market.

Data Driven Development

Modern development processes in the global market need to be able to understand where products are missing, and how to fill those gaps. When using innovative product development companies, data is going to be at the core of the processes. At Vitrin9, we use data to ensure that the products we are developing for you are sure to be a success. We use deep data to understand your customers, competitors, and product, and apply the findings in everything we do from design to development. This ensures that anything we deliver is data validated and verified with your team and users. Our data scientists and product engineers work hand in hand to deliver fast, efficiently, and accurately, thus translating your vision into the product. This leads to a faster time-to-market, product-market fit, and overall growth.

Unique Approach to Design

One of the initial deliverables when working on a product is the design and initial mockups. They incorporate the designers’ vision of the product and ensure it is aligned with your customer’s expectations and are properly backed by data. The design of the product is of utmost important to how it will be perceived by your customers and how easy it would be for them to convert. Building something you believe your customers need, is not the same as building something that they want. Designs also go beyond functionality... usability and looks are a big part of being able to successfully market a new product. Sleek and styling, while also simple in functionality, will sell much better than something convoluted and confusing.

Innovative Development Engineers

Nothing gets done in product development without a team of engineers to design and build the product. When searching for product development companies near me,  make sure to talk to the teams the companies you have shortlisted in order to evaluate their level of innovative thinking, communication and project management skills, dedication to your success.  For example, at Vitrin9, our team owns every deliverable we complete and is dedicated to our customers’ success throughout the project. Our engineers are in the top 10% talent in the World, and are capable of delivering fast and efficiently, while constantly communicating with the customer to ensure the vision is not deviated from.

If you have an idea for an innovative product that fills a gap in the marketplace and are looking at product development companies near me, then contact Vitrin9 today and we can help you bring your product to life.

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